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          Sandblasting is a general term used to describe the act of propelling very  fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. Sand is the most commonly used material, but any small, relatively small uniform particles will work as a blasting media. Sandblasting can use anything from synthetic beads to tiny bits of walnut shells      

          Sandblasting as a cleaning method has been widely used for hundreds of years, often as a method of prepping a surface for the application of paint or sealant. When painting, most people and companies dont want to trap dust , dirt,and other imperfections under there new paint. By launching small bits of abrasive at the surface at high speed,  all imperfections are knocked loose and can be easily washed away, creating an incredibly smooth surface for the finish to adhere to the part


 Reasons for sandblasting
    remove paint
    prep metal for paint
         media blasting ruffs up the surface
         and all finishes will adhere better.
    remove metal slag from castings and

 Types of media
standard media
    optional  media
        glass bead
        walnut shells
        coal slag
Common items media blasted       
      new steel
      rusty steel
      car parts
      rod iron railings
      machine equipment
      wood signs
      glass etching
      millitary equipment
      lawn furnature
      motorcycle parts
      concrete driveways
      concrete lawn ornaments
      industrial equipment
          back hoes, compressors,
          dump truckbeds, trailers,
          and just about all the
          equipment you can think of
 if its rusted we can clean it ........
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